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My Right To Learn by Robert Prouty

The importance of education in the lives of children and the impact on the society cannot be over emphasized. Education is the foundation stone on which to build a future free from poverty, providing a ripple effect of opportunity that resonates for generations. All children have the right to an education. I found this article by Robert Prouty and would like to share:

My Right To Learn by Robert Prouty

I do not have to earn
The right to learn.
It’s mine.

And if because
Of faulty laws
And errors of design,
And far too many places where
Still far too many people do not care –
If because of all these things, and more,
For me, the classroom door,
With someone who can teach,
Is still beyond my reach,
Still out of sight,
Those wrongs do not remove my right.

So here I am. I too
Am one of you
And by God’s grace,
And yours, I’ll find my place.

We haven’t met.
You do not know me yet
And so
You don’t yet know
That there is much that I can give you in return.
The future is my name
And all I claim