Monday, 29 August 2016

JAN’s Board Member, Mrs. Funke Amobi, Head, Human Capital, Stanbic IBTC came in the company of eight members of the Blue Women Community of Stanbic IBTC. Mrs. Funke made a lively and highly educative presentation to the girls on “Strategies for Successful Career Planning”. 
She started with two definitions of career by Nigeria’s foremost motivational speaker Fela Durotoye who said “it something you do because you BELIEVE it is tied to your purpose in life” and “It is something you do with the aim of becoming the BEST in it” Having said this, Funke shared game changing experiences of her life in the areas of her career, talent, family, and education. She anchored all of this on the ABCDE principle which she refers to as the 5 Winning Strategies to a Successful Career.
A-     Acquire Knowledge/Skill
B-      Be Original
C-      Crave Role Models
D-     Dream Big
E-      Explore Work
On acquiring knowledge she advised the girls to regularly read and watch the news so as to be abreast with what is going on in the world. On the subject of acquiring skills, she encouraged the girls to strive to be the best in whatever skill they choose to develop.
“You were born an original, don’t be a counterfeit”. Funke stressed the importance of discovering ones talents and realising that they are unique and must focus on their strength and not dwell on their weaknesses.
Funke admonishing the girls asked a crucial question. “Who inspires you?” following this, she put it to the girls that there is nowhere they intend to reach that no one has not. “If you follow the footstep of the great you will be great”. She continued by encouraging the girls to dream big. Citing examples of men who had big dreams; Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. “The world to those who believe in their dreams”.
In conclusion, Funke taught the girls to be selfless in all their endeavours as this will influence their interest in exploring work. She advised them to volunteer, apply as interns and most importantly bear in mind that the journey is more important and fulfilling than the morning.
Mrs. Funke Amobi did not only talk with the girls, she sang with them and gifted the girls tickets to a music concert. After this, Funke introduced the members of the Blue Women Community of Stanbic IBTC;
·         Jidde Mustapha
·         Onome Akpomudiarhe
·         Badejo Olapeju
·         Olabisi Oremule
·         Rosemary Gbara
·         Ibifuro Apiafi
·         Ezeoke Vanessa

The Blue Women had dinner with the girls and utilised the time to answer questions the girls had about life as young professionals.
·         “The beginning of all achievement is desire”
·         “You can break the barrier by being determined”

·         “Know your weaknesses and focus on your strengths”

During the LEAD Camp for girls, Mrs.Simi Nwogugu took the girls through a 2 hour Leadership Workshop every morning for four days, in which they learnt Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, and SMART Goal Setting. Later in the evening of day four, the girls were separated into eight groups under the supervision JAN Staff, ViMP Alumni, Media Mentors and a representative from the sponsor of the LEAD Camp 2016, Union Bank of Nigeria.
Ololade Awogbade, Lead, Special Project and Sustainability
ViMP Alumni
·         Tosin Otudeko (Script Writer/Editor)
·         Chienye Ogwo (Head, Change Management, Union Bank)
Media Mentors
·         Lydia Otubanjo (BellaNaija)
·         Adesewa Josh (Channel TV)
JAN Staff
·         Rita Odion (Programs Manager, JAN)
·         Ifeoma Okonji (Deputy Programs Manage, JAN)

·         Justina Ogun (IT Manager, JAN)

At the Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Development (LEAD) Camp, Dr. Toke Oke of Brookside Medical Practices talked about the dangers in having unprotected sex.

She talked about sexual assault, STI's and STD's especially the very common ones such as HPV, HIV & AIDS, STAPHYLOCCOCI, Hepatitis A&B. Dr. Toke Oke emphasised on Yeast infection as the most common of all which often surfaces as Candidiasis. On the subject of Candida infection, she educated the girls by letting them know that Candidiasis is often times not a sexually transmitted infection but can also be caused by imbalanced diet. 

During this session, the girls were exceptionally inquisitive about the subject of sex and all that comes with it. Most of the questions asked seem to be inferred by the movie 'Dry' which the girls saw on the night of their arrival.

The facilitator, Dr. Toke Oke after session, expressed her astonishment to the girls' warm and mature attitude towards information about sexual health, as they were not shy to talk about or be spoken to on the subject.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Reycle, Reduce, Reuse: LEAD Camp 2016 EbonyLife TV Public Service Announcement (PSA)

LEAD Camp media mentor and Ebonylife TV producer Mrs. Priscilla Nzimiro, showed her mentees the ropes of the entertainment business during their field trip to the EbonyLife TV production studio where they had a full tour of the grounds by presenter Fortune Imerhion who was so patient in showing us around. 

The girls got the chance to see what life behind the camera is really like, the work entailed in producing a show and the energy required to make it in the industry. The girls weren't quite as ready as we had hoped for their cameo in regards to the manner they approached their research, but Priscilla came up with a new strategy and created new lines for the girls to read and worked with them on their diction to make sure they delivered their best performance and this is the essence of mentorship after all.

Prisciall was everything you could ask for in a mentor. She was stern, but sweet and didn’t leave an inch for failure. We were all amazed at her energy levels during the shoot which took a few hours from the table read to the actual shoot. We also noticed the EbonyLife crew are very health conscious as we didn’t recall seeing any junk food on set, which was very encouraging to see young health conscious Nigerians.

On behalf of our stakeholders and Board of Directors, we wish to express our gratitude to Mo Abudu, Priscilla Nzimiro, Precious Imerhion and the Eboylife TV crew for their warmth and generosity.

PSA coming soon. Happy viewing. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

JAN LEAD CAMP FIELD TRIP: Talk Is Good But Seeing Is Priceless!

The one week-long JAN LEAD Camp did not just confine the girls to the walls of their residence, having those amazing talks on self-discovery, self-actualization and making impact as women leaders.

The girls having mentors from different industries, from media to entrepreneurship to banking, were separated into groups for a field trip to;
  •          Union Bank - The finance/banking group.
  •         Reel Fruit - The Entrepreneurship group
  •         Ebony Life TV Studios and Nigeria Info - The media group 

Union Bank Group: Mr. Emeka Okonkwo, Mr. Ayo Salisu and some other Union Bank staff spoke to the students about their careers in the banking industry and the difference between retail banking, commercial banking, and central banking, after which they had lunch and the students were given highly popular gifts!

The girls at Reel Fruit, to learn a little about manufacturing, finance in day to day business, sales and marketing.

Nigeria Info Group: Adenike Oyetunde was the host for the day. The students were on air for thirty (30) minutes. All the students were given the privilege to speak on different topics ranging from fashion, Security and empowerment.

EbonyLife TV Group: Priscilla Nwanah was the host for the day and gave the students a full tour of the premises and guided her team through the production of Public Service Announcement (PSA) on recycling to be aired on their website and social media pages.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

LEAD Camp Day 3: Titilope Sonuga and Biola Alabi ...(Photos and Videos)

The 50 girls took a creative journey into the entertainment industry through Biola Alabi, CEO, Biola Alabi Media and Titilope Sonuga, Poet & Brand Ambassador, She Will Connect Program-Nigeria. Biola and Titilope help the girls see the possibilities of creating change through entertainment and shared their path to success in their creative fields and how to look past negativity. 

The ladies answered a very critical question; one we all ask ourselves when we look back on our lives, "what would I tell my 15 year old self?" At the end of the discussion Titolope shared an amazing, soul stirring poem on overcoming our fears.

Happy viewing.